Screenprinting for felt

Well it has been so manic that I have not done a proper post for weeks .I have been filling my time with knitting designs and also the screenprints on the silk for a certain top.

There will be a total chapter in the new book from Clasheen and myself   regarding getting imagery onto silk and cottons for felting.

I design my own screens then have them made up .You do need a good printing table but it is easy to make your own, again this will be in the new book.

If you are a felt artist reading this and would like to submit an image for our  felters gallery in the book then please either send to Nicola or myself.

We are hoping and I am praying it will be ready by the time Nicola comes to the USA,she will be wanting to show everyone I am sure.

So a few images when printing and before felting the imagery gets built up a layer at a time and remember you must steam these pieces before felting.

seed heads

dragon flies dancing now the silk is being dried by hairdryer.

The writing is in French quick translation is ‘laugh till you cry’ whenever I think of Dawn she makes me think of meadows and laughter on the breeze and dancing seed heads and dragon flies and blue skies yet I believe she is a strong woman as well so a lot to inspire including Dawns Inspirational colours.

Birds on a wire waiting to fly to be free!A good song by Leonard Cohen comes to mind ,ah well work to do and yarn to wind, books to write, enjoy the hour.I f you are in sunshine reading this lucky you it is raining here on a cold February day–miserable.

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  1. Can’t wait for the book and I love Leonard Cohen’s songs. My halo hats are based on the lyrics….forget your perfect offering…there is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in…..Rosiewildwoman

  2. Thanks Rosie,think we have a lot of hard work in front of us .Love Leonard Cohen too, I am of that vintage era.Take care

  3. Well, of course I wouldn’t be peeking at any picutres in today’s post, nor trying to enlarge them for better viewing (can you imagine someone doing such a thing?), so no need to worry if you have anything that I perhaps shouldn’t be looking at;-), but that Dawn that you’re referring to sounds like a very nice woman:-))))

    Did I mention that I’m so excited about whatever it is that you’re making that I know nothing about due to my extreme willpower!!!


    • Haha you crack me up wait until you see the next piccie blow your socks off!!! mybe I should not post it thinking about it. Sorry this is taking m so long! Chrissie

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