more work

Turning the whole process on its head and printing in midway felting cycle here we have circles and meadow seed heads.

Silk chiffon dyed with gaye wool/silk dyes then felted onto 100gms needlefelt-half black, half white—-put in soda ash water ,dried, then the screen print put on.

Screen printed with seed heads and quotations

Now will see if this dries as I expect and how it looks when the felting is finished off,of course it has to be steamed as well.

3 Comments on “more work

  1. Love the first pic. I wouldn’t have thought of printing halfway through. Must try and see if it gives a nice distortion as you finish felting. More of a blur?

  2. Oh, I wish I were able to be there to watch you do all of this…It is truly fascinating. I love having such artistic, creative friends!!! But, of course, I am not peeking, just happened to be passing by;-)


    • Of course you! are the actual silks are now all in the drying room and the prints hidden hahaa.–these are teaser taster sessions —apart from 1 piece???? Chrissie x

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