Best laid plans

I have tried to settle down to felting  today but it has been one of those days,my sister phoned me from France to tell me her husband had fallen off his ladder and was in A French ICU with a punctured lung and fractured ribs –that totally unsettled me and i am very worried about him ,then I learn about another friend who has lost her husband over the weekend .My aim to felt a collar and screenprint the silk for another jacket has not gone to plan.The collar is laid out the silk screen work is done and the jacket coming on.I have had beading to do on something else this evening  so actually am more than ready to lay down in my bed –I love my bed  and the view from my bedroom window ,my cherry trees and the old willow lovely.

Here is a view of the work done today inspired by a dragon fly 

2 thoughts on “Best laid plans

  1. Oh Chrissie, So sorry about all those things that I am sure are weighing heavy on your heart. Will be keeping all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Lovely sneak peek of the dragon fly inspired piece. Can’t wait to see in its entirety.

    Big hugs,


    1. Dawn Thank you life has a habit of leaving you in peace for long.Your jacket has been travelling over a week now must get there soon,think the last one took 10 days so not long to wait. Take care travel safe Chrissie x


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