Iris jacket

Morning pleased to say the book is climbing up the charts allready and selling well .

Remember you can buy from Blurb or from Amazon. Any craft shop owners, Felters galleries who would like to stock it please get in touch with myself  or Nicola for bulk pricing. 

The Green jacket is not for sale so to all those emailing in sorry my husband loves this jacket on me so in my wardrobe it stays –here is a collage of imagery re the jacket.

I adore the colours in the latest one they are my sort of colours look at these love the effect the pongee has on the felt so different to the chiffon silk or silk gauze.

2 thoughts on “Iris jacket

  1. Ha! Ha! I love it, but wasn’t going to ask to buy it…I have a sneaking suspicion that my arms are longer than yours;-))) Besides which fact, I have a gorgeous Chrissie Day Original, which I adore!

    Glad to hear that the book is such a big success…Wonderful news for you and Nicola.



  2. Hya Dawn No it is a lady here in the Uk but she has ordered one now to be done ready for her sons wedding in September so no pressure.She is sending me images of her garden to work from .Yes your arms are nearly twice the length of mine and actually I am only 5’2″ tall ,poor little thing even my feet are tiny.HAVE A GOOD ONE.
    Just off to dream of sailing and felting and sunshine and friends


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