Competition Launch 2011.

Ok I am launching this years competition early to give me a boost and something joyful to enjoy.

The Rules

A compilation picture containing 3 colours from (seasonal food for now) and 3 colours from (nature as it is now )So no matter where you live  do enter with your seasonal choices.I am approaching mid summer and next week will be celebrating Midsummers Eve and dancing in Cazals and listening to good music ,whereas at the other side of the world winter comes .

Please send the actual inspiration pictures not just a list of colours —Good luck the winner will have a jacket made in the winning colours. Closing date 21st July

5 thoughts on “Competition Launch 2011.

  1. Oh, do be sure and enter all…You’ll be so happy that you did. Chrissie’s creations are amazing! I love mine…It’s fantastic!!! Thank you again dear Chrissie…You’re a treasure.



  2. What an exciting thing to do Chrissie!!! You ‘ll have your hands full, I guess nobody would want to miss a chance to win something made by you! Enjoy this brilliant project ..I’m runnig to take pictures !:)


  3. Chrissie, so sorry about the water damage, I can only imagine the devastation it caused but sounds like you are bouncing back with a vengence…hope all works out well for you in the long run, and I am holding good positive thoughts for you…out of our depths come our heights…good luck…


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