Artists in France

When I travel it is exciting to discover other artists and the work they do and the source of their inspiration.Nigel wished to go to Les Arques to a little church so away we went .Amore delightful village would be hard to find and so peaceful.Imagine my surprise and delight to discover a gallery celebrating Zadkines work as this was his home.

Many years ago I spent the last of my money going to an exhibition of these sculptures in Paris and to find a whole gallery devoted to him was fabulous.3 euros to enter a bargain and a treasure trove inside .I sat and watched a french only movie about this life and work and saw him walking around the very same village many years ago and nothing much has changed .His work has always left me speechless maybe the sheer size and complexity

Then just to really send my sensory brain into overdrive I notice they have a gallery display of Gaudier Brzeska works a sculptor who died so young but produced stunning work in that short life .

I could have spent may more hours here and all I can say is thank you to Les Arques for the insight and to those artists as well for the works we can now enjoy.

This piece is called ‘The bird and the fish’ amazing .I treated myself to the book devoted to his work and will enjoy every page .

A differing art form this time in ancient architecture look at this village Rocamadour as it hangs on to this cliff amazing not my des res but brilliant design.More later at what we saw when we arrived here.

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