Roses and France

I love my garden and especially my Roses in July here is this weeks selection on the hearth .

The French trip continues and the journey home on tree lined roads through Chartres

and stopping the night in Orleans and  watching the miles slip away as we neared the channel,I love France for their

history,wide roads, good food and general ambience,the people who smile at me and have patience with my stuttering language skills,I get better just as I am coming home to England .

The miles were passing by and I was excited at getting home but sad to say another au revoir. The light was fading after travelling for 13 hours to get home .

2 thoughts on “Roses and France

  1. Loving the journey through France…Didn’t even need a passport…Just your wonderful words and photos;-) But, that is on my to-do” list…The passport. Just dropped your package off at the post office, and it includes a little something from my hubby, too;-) Let me know when it arrives. I’m sitting in a cool little coffee shop in Kalamazoo…listening to a little piped in jazz music, eating an asparagus leek tart, and drinking a dark roast coffee, looking at your images…Life is good…Wish you were here with me or that we were in Denmark together;-) Must get that passport!

    Big hugs,


  2. Oh Dawn thank you so much .I am watching the Mens finals at Wimbledon with Murray and Nadal the sun is shining yes life is good aren’t we so very very lucky.More of the journey today.


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