Book launch trip

Going off on a trip is always hard to uproot yourself and go and then hurry home –this trip was different for me one I had looked forward to since meeting Nicola over the web and our blogs, the fact in the meantime we had done the book together and were going to now launch it seemed surreal.I could not wait to leave and get there and oh how hard it was to leave and not let anyone see the tears.

To say I had fabulous time is an understatement it was awesome and both Nigel and myself just seemed to fit it was uncanny.Nicola and I both knew we had loads in common but day to day living was also so similar to our lifestyle and we all hold the same values.

Rex is a sweetheart and a very clever dog who guards Nicola 24/7.

The welcome ,the party ,meeting lovely people, soaking up Irish scenery and launching the book all made this trip unforgetable.

Having the chance to appear on the Sue Nunn show with Nicola and talk about us and the book was good too.

Nicola was great fun to be with and to meet Alan and her friends and share her home was privilege.Thank you Nicola it went too quick.