Nuno ways

Well time to get down to some serious design work and making more Nuno.I am always interested in differing combinations of fibre, cloth, silk, silks woven non woven etc.

True to form I swatched and swatched and swatched  some more until I got the combination for the look I wanted.Had I wasted time I do not think so because if I had run with the 1st combo I would  been disappointed with the end result,as it is I am happy.

So after listening very carefully to what felters old and new wanted from a book even when they cannot understand the language it is written in,is lots of images then they can follow and also simple on trend design that enables them to make something to wear without all the sewing problems.

To this end I have spent months designing tops and skirts and along with a company are turning these into templates.The idea behind these is we do not want patterns we want templates so if you are a size 12 you get that size and then whatever felt you are using ‘winter weight or nuno’ and you know the shrinkage ratio you simply scale up the template by that percentage.You will felt back and front and hey presto will have an ‘on trend garment ‘in your size.

How to now get them out to you is the next hurdle –do we print them all on one large sheet and post,do we sell each one on its own sheet,or do we do pdf downloads where you print it out stick the A4 sheets together and then use your template .I don’t know AND IT IS BUGGING ME THINKING ABOUT IT.

But today I have done my favourite top for the book the colours the echoes of my hills apart from half way through silk selection I looked up to see down the valley the biggest cloud come over the tops and hurtle towards me snowing ferociously the wind howling but you know what the AGA at my back the fibres in my fingers and the snow in my vision I was in heaven  and enjoying myself.The moon is full and lovely tonight the baby lambs are bleating in the barns up and down the valley I saw triplets just born yesterday oh gosh so adorable.From peewits and lambs to snow and ice and winds and full moons in 1 day not bad.Image 


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