Designs from new book

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Charity took one of the templates from the new Nuno felting book and this is how she interpreted it  and that is the good thing about design and how any one can put their own spin on the basic concept –love this Charity –thank you for testing it

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    • Beth have you ordered download or
      make sure to order your templates when you get the book

  1. Hi!​​, I would like to ask |, his book is digital? I can I read through a PDF file? I live in Argentina and is very expensive to buy a paper book and import. Sorry, my English is not very . Thanks. Ines

  2. Hello, I bought the book today, I hope to understand, I work the felt, but not how to make clothes, sorry my English is not very good. I hope I have understood and I would like to buy more digital books, will be doing soon. Greetings. Ines

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