Only Yesterday

It only seems like yesterday when I had oodles of friends and those friends were getting dates ,falling in love,married ,having babies,their children achieved and we all shared in life ,so when did they all decide to start leaving the party,and one by one they go.Another friend so very dear to me Dawn has died and yesterday was the funeral,in a windswept part of Northern England near those dark satanic mills and boy did the air lash around us all as we all stood high up on the moors around the grave.

What can I say another little piece of my heart has just broken off and gone ,yes I have fab memories and life has been great,but you know what who decided the last song was to play yet again it is happening  a bit too often right now in my world.

It makes you look at your own time and what you have achieved, what you need to do, what you want to do,and would you have changed anything?

Well it is grey today and windy and stormy perhaps the party happening up there is getting rowdy ,I do not know? but for me I just hope no more decide to call the cab just yet because I miss you guys.

Dawn could talk to me for hours about warp and weft and cloth and silks and gracious living and elegance in clothing ete etc and we discussed it all form A TO Z,we put the world right,we read the same books ,we laughed at the same jokes when we got them for like me she often missed the punch line.There is a school reunion this year ,I will not go for I am fed up of being reminded of time passing and somehow the clock is ticking louder and the hands seem to be going quite fast,like a speeded up merrygoround. I loved the fair coming and I could go on the merrygoround and shout faster faster,eat icecream and not mind it dripping down my chin, dance in the poppies and large field daisies,ask my Daddy to lift me higher on his big shoulders so I could see “tomorrow” and he used to say “what can you see does it look good ?’ so as then I answer ” I can’t see but I think it will be good ”

I wish you all a good tomorrow too.Goodnight to friends who left the party early .

4 thoughts on “Only Yesterday

  1. Hi Chrissie, only ‘met’ you through Dionne’s online workshop, but your blog has struck a chord. So sad when a close friend dies, I hope she didn’t suffer long. These things create the need to take stock and make some order and space in our own lives, and I definitely think that’s a great things to do, clear out your household clutter, spend a few days organising your studio, and then set to work at what you both loved. She deserves it.


  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Chrissie. I think sometimes our friends are even more dear than our families and they usually know us better. And now you have to fill in that space where she used to be. I wish you gentle times.


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