It has always been my believe it is bad form to visit an exhibition and take photos of the pieces.It is worse to do this when a book featuring the pieces has been published to purchase.

To attend and then paste images on FB is not on.

Why would others attend if they can view it all online on FB.

Exhibitions sent from other countries take an enormous amount of energy to organise,pay for and do the publicity to bring the public in to view.

The public attending and paying to come in ,buying refreshments from the venue,shopping at the venue raise income to enable venues to stay open,offer shopping facilities,artists studios,lectures,talks,workshops at very low prices.

Despite NO PHOTOGRAPH signs being placed around the building plenty are now appearing,on Tumblr,FB ,blogs etc.

And to make it worse they are affiliated by membership to a sister organisation and attended the exhibition to meet some of the artists whose work they now photographed and placed in the social media.

Enough said.


3 thoughts on “Exhibitions

  1. You are one classy lady Chrissie Day…….. that is why it would never occur to you to take shots of another’s work. To remember a piece of art with a photo can be flattering. I can only imagine that some who do this, aren’t realizing the damaging effects in taking photos of another’s creative living…..at least that is what I’d like to believe.


    1. Flattering Ginny yes but to post exhibition photos online while the exhibition us still being shown is bad form in my opinion.
      Plus not to ask the permission of the Artist to post them on FB is also bad form.


  2. Right again, Chrissie. Here’s hoping those that need to, will be educated by your explanation. With everyone’s access to a camera (cell) maybe more info should remind people of the appropriate form.


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