Fractured & Felting

Since my last post it has been my misfortune to fracture my coccyx.A very easy thing to do when a chair breaks and down you go.
Pain is my day 24 hours and there is nothing anyone can do.Actually I have read a lot,knit a lot and mentally designed a dozen new things.Emails,telephone calls,visits from from friends who trek up here to see me have all helped in the last 21/2 weeks.

The doctors say 6 weeks.!!
On another note I am redoing my web site putting new details up etc and generally sorting out my hard drive which is  very boring.
Another book is in development and a yarn chosen.
The summer here is glorious and the task of the  rendering beeing removed from this old chapel is well underway.


4 thoughts on “Fractured & Felting

  1. sounds like you may not be well enough to go to your Farfield Mill unit ? not sure of the time-scale on your blog but hope you are feeling better real soon —-my small group of “crafty ladies” are coming to visit the mill on fri. 29th August and wondered if you’d be around as I have seen your felting and told them how fabulous it is -we are just starting out so lots of learning and mistakes but great fun too – I thought if you were there you would inspire us !!!!—-take care -Sheila ps –is it possible to felt a cushion with a hole on the middle (your coccyx would thank you !!! it makes sitting bearable )


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