Dyeing Today 

Today going to do some dyeing with beautiful leaves on some lovely fabric ready to go into felted pieces and the large Carpet Bags which will be decorated with surface stitch as well

A time governed day so I do not repeat yesterday’s feeling of exhaustion after 1 hours work.

My fabrics are soaking in the predye recipe and my leaves are ready. Those that have dried are going into water to refresh. Beautiful maple leaves, large fresh fig leaves, a collection from the garden from geranium to continus coggrya,Acer leaves etc.

There is so much Eco dyeing out there now and it is important to take it as a process into developing work rather than just ‘Eco Dye’

The idea of using the leaves as a resist in natural dyeing also appeals to me in my natural silk screening work. So if an iron dipped leaf is placed on the silk before you use your Sumi ink painting then it opens up so many possibilities

When the work is processed with steaming we will see.

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