Studio Days

Fabulous day at my Studio today and watching the river which I could watch for hours from my studio window.

As an artist one works alone, gets inspiration and ploughs on alone creating their art – so to meet people visiting the mill who have come to buy from me – a really nice guy buying a birthday present for his wife and an artist and his wife to commission me to create a new piece of Wearable Art gives me a huge boost.

Sorting out,de-cluttering and passing on to others items I no longer need -some acid dyes and also the large hanger base which held all my knitwear designs – no longer needed.

Yarns prepared for Scandinavia and lesson notes done. Summers nearly over and Autumn will wrap us in a blanket of mist until the snows come. I love winter it’s my time and I embrace the cold.

I have been discovering family members here in the U.K. and faraway in NZ two cousins who emigrated when I was very young but I remember the party before they went and especially chocolate peanuts. I ate loads and was ill on the way home and have never ever eaten another one.

My brothers birthday far away in Canada – a touching picture of a Yorkshire coast trip when he was a baby so this would be early summer 1959 when I was 7 – Happy Birthday Bart have a good one

So with a spirit buoyed up but a heavy heart re other family matters I am eager to face Autumn and plan and read and stitch those winter days away. It’s a changing world but up here in the hills it’s calm and peaceful – thank goodness

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