Bound Buttonholes Technique by Chrissie Day

Our placement for the Buttonhole
Measure your button placement
Leave the placement pins in
Your piece of Nuno felt ready
Put in Place – upside down
Transfer pins onto this showing us width of the button
My button
Fold another spare felt in half and make a small slit
Place on top and mark the slit
Now mark your buttonhole felt piece
Machine stitch around the pencil lines
Ready stitched to cut next
Cut through centre line
Cut as shown into the corners
Now push your felt fabric through the hole you cut
Spread out your felt piece and begin to tack down from the short end first all around to perimeter
Continue stitching around
From the front
Seen from the back
Button fitting in perfectly
Choosing the natural dyed thread to hand stitch around the buttonhole
Here I have Temaricious Cottons
Here are some natural dyed wool thread from or Temaricious Wool
Place your button underneath where it is to get stitched and push it up to mark the fabric – check you button is in the right place
All done, just that finishing off with my threads

I hope you enjoy following this tutorial and have a go making a bound buttonhole on your felt pieces
CDay 2001

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