Free Bag Tutorial

A long time ago I wrote this bag tutorial which you can download and follow here. Have fun

It is a very basic tutorial presuming you know how to work out your own template size.

For those who do not know we start by making a 10” square template and felt a sample piece which when this has shrunk we can estimate by measure our shrinkage

10”-6= 4”so we have lost 40%. To regain this 40%we need to increase the size of our template.Here is how we calculate this.To return to 10 from 6 we divide 10by 6 which = 1.66. Now take 6cms and multiply by 1.66

Our template measurements need to increase by 1.66 therefore your 10” needs to commence as 16.6”

When bag making you decide first how big or small you need the finished bag to be- draw this out and make a template. It is this finished size template you will add the increase on to and oroduce your felting template.

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