Wet Felted Spirals


by Chrissiedaydesigns

When we want to make a Felted Spiral there are various ways to deliver this.

I start by making a huge piece of pre-felt which will take 6 circle shapes to be cut out.

Start with a 24” square lay out which shrank down to 18” pre-felt.

Cut out 6 circles.

When we look at a spiral it is S-shapes attached to each other.

We will cut up to the centre point of each circle – do all 6 circles.

Next we will needle-felt these cut edges to the next circle – see the picture above as when they are all done this is how it will look.

Decorating the spiral will help towards the 3D effect when hanging.

On this one I simply placed pieces of dyed silk gauze.

When all these are laid on, sprinkle with warm soapy water, place your felting net on and gently

soap – being gentle rub with each one over the net.

Next we need to place lightweight plastic between each circle to prevent them felting together.

Lay on your bubble wrap or linen and roll 100 times.

Undo, readjust your plastic, and roll from the opposite end for 100 times.

Again undo and check your gauze is still attached and the seams are fine.

Laying it out you can now see the S-shape of the spiral.

When your felt has shrunk and is firm when you hold up your spiral then rinse really well adding lemon juice to your final rinse

Press dry in a towel and arrange on top of each as pictured above and dry.

After drying you can now arrange your spiral placing a weighted piece at the edge of the last circle.

For this one, mine will be beaded in the same colours of the silk gauze pieces.

I like to hang with a drawing pin but you could stitch a loop onto the the edge of the first circle cut.

I too stitched mine with hand dyed silk giving the silhouette outline on the reverse side

Designed and written and Felted by

Chrissie Day 2016


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