Hard Times

Screen print on felt. ‘Fold upon Fold’

There are so many twists and turns to our lives right now from Covid and fear and isolation to the daily news from the front lines in Ukraine.

It is hard to focus on how we can help, and what can we do, how do they feel, etc etc and suddenly your head feels like it is in a spin dryer and that is the time to take a deep breathe and focus for awhile what is in your world not coming from news on Tv or radio.

Sadly war happens all over but never before have we been fed every shell that falls etc

I weep constantly for those children and old people who feel so useless and frightened.

I pray for them, and in ways that I know I can do I am hoping my help brings comfort

Small kits of fibres and to make into whatever they wish to make for often even children can find peace and calm in the act of creating and soothing their senses. LETS hope these people heal and have the land returned to the.

stay safe Cx

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