Oh No

It’s Day 2 of my arm being out of action nowfor6 weeks as my rebuilt wrist heals

It has the annoyance level

similar to a baby’s cry for milk or attention – I equally try in a similar vein to ignore it and keep working at my Italian course. Nothing I can do which involves hands

I cannot concentrate and the painkillers are taken. The beautiful sound of the spoken word I try to refresh but have now replaced it by’ stunning saxophone player ‘Charlie Langer’ a friend of many years who always sends me his work which plays alongside me as I create in my studio – a friend of Charley’s sent this track which is beautiful


Today is a bad day and the pain grinds me down between doses of pain relief . The cast is heavy and cumbersome and I feel like a child for moaning. I am allergic to Elastoplast and it must have touched me at some point somewhere as I recognise the symptoms

The miniature Felted Hand

I made my surgeon the above as a keepsake complete with joints and veins using the 3 d principle of design

The Palm

6 weeks – 42 days and here I am at the end of Day 3 exasperated !

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