well today has been a mixture of joy for…

well today has been a mixture of joy for a well lived life and sadness at missing a friend,family and friends gathered from far and wide to say ‘goodbye’ and it was just as she would have liked it to be.
My equillibrium has taken a knock with this and I have done no work at all for over a week,my mind has not even been busy creating new things.A Christmas with my children and partners is planned at the our qiuet hideaway.Wherever you are and however you celebrate this time,celebrate with love enjoy the precious times for they give us those memories to cherish.

One thought on “well today has been a mixture of joy for…

  1. I hope that the comfort and joy of having your family around you at Christmas helps you regain your equilibrium. It is hard to feel creative when you are trying to process all the emotions you are feeling. Let yourself feel everything you need to feel and don’t beat yourself up if it takes longer than you think it should. Then one day you will have a spark of inspiration and will be forced to make something again.

    Wishing you a loving family Christmas.


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