cold weather felting

Gosh I think this cold weather makes us all felt more to keep warm ,Nicola’s tree over at Clasheen is fabulous .here is a vase using pieces of the bark from my eucalyptus various pieces of wire knitting and mesh and then coated with a pva mixture to harden

 my obscure felted vase using found objects and wireand silk and eucalyptus bark as well.

  Dawn Edwards wrote @ December 30, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Hi Chrissie…Love having all your blogs in one place. Even though I’m primarily a felter, I enjoy all of your work. Who knows, I may become addicted to beading and knitting, too:-) Your site is beautiful (love the snowy scene with the little snowflakes flying by…So pretty and calming).

Wishing you a blessed New Year Chrissie.

Take care and hugs from your friend,


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