mini jacket

In answer to all the emails re seaming felt etc and how hard it is I decided to cut a mini jacket out so you can see it s not hard.Doing it this way is a bit easier than using a seamless design -you will have to measure the silk/fibre prefelt accurately so do a shrinking swatch mine is 30%.

here is mine cut out mini style and the shoulders are seamed overlapping style  and the sleeve external seam  

after felting you will simply do 1 overlappd seam straight up the sides and down the inside sleeve .you can go over this seam with your embellisher .felting started felt side  silk side fibres really through now and shrinking happening —–tomorrow will show seaming and finishing—-it is a mini jacket AS my shoulder is still sore.

I will be putting the resist  pattern up for a jacket in etsy during the next week .

4 thoughts on “mini jacket

  1. Hi Chrissie,

    Well, now that I see it all laid out, it does look manageable. Bet you never thought you’d hear me say that 🙂

    I can’t believe you’re already felting so soon after your surgery and with your shoulder still being so sore. Feltmaking must be a good form of physical therapy (plus you get a beautiful garment, too).

    Hope you’re feeling better every day.



    1. Daw n I felt 1 handed and always have ,no machines just 1 hand at a time –hope you try a jacket soon .More good ideas for patterns /resists coming up watch this space My recovery I believe is due to positive energy thinking, and healing sessions, plus reflexology which are all disciplines I follow since been diagnosed with my brain cyst.I am here to live and to be positive . Love Chrissie


  2. Good morning Chrissie,

    Well, you are an amazing person. Not only are you able to sew:-) , but you felt better with one hand than most people do with two! Now, I’m doubly impressed with your abilities! I can feel your positive energy all the way over here…Thanks again for the inspiration.



  3. Chrissie, Your jacket is great. Sounds as though you have been very busy. I hope that your arm improves quickly. I will be sending positive thoughts and energy your way.
    Since we last communicated I have two email addresses and two web site addresses. The web sites were a mistake created by my misunderstanding of the lingo. Oh well. I have also made 3 nuno, or laminated scarves with varying degrees of success. I was successful in getting one of your pictures into my post, but the site said that the others couldn’t go for some reason.
    I went onto Pat Sparks site and suggested that your name be added to her list at: then under Pat Spark, then under Link she has another link called Artist Link. Hope you don’t mind. All my best for your quick recovery, Cameron


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