Sunshine Award

I am over the moon I have been awarded the Sunshine award,thank you so much I was nominated bydeeplyfelt and it is now up to me to pass this award onto others in the blogging world

1.Clasheen for her inspiring blog and great humour

2Florciti for a fab felty look at life

3Dawn Edwards for incredible hats and encouraging comments always


3 Comments on “Sunshine Award

  1. Hi Chrissie,

    Thank you so much…You are so sweet. Now, I don’t have a blog (I know I’m a dinosaur…No blog, sewing phobias, etc., etc., :-), but I can certainly cut and paste the sunshine award and send it via e-mail to some of my feltmaking buddies. I was just looking at several sites that came to mind and someone’s already “sunshined” them. You all are so speedy!

    I was going to write you, too, to let you know how much I love the pocket idea from the shoulder cutout in the post I read earlier today. You are so resourceful.

    Thanks again, Chrissie.


  2. OH I’m so glad to see you figured it out. I’ve gotten awards before but they’ve never had much effect. This time though — wow — my blog had 149 hits yesterday! Hope yours gets some great exposure out of it too…. it deserves it!

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