My Helleborus

This has lifted my spirits in this gloomy spring/summer the hellebore arriving with her glorious skirts .Going to use these colours as inspiration and I am going to build on some work which I just left hanging a couple of years ago and took no further, so I will post the whole design journey which was exciting at the time and I can see it moving forward now.I will podcast this.

Because I had to I found myself in my store shed looking through fibres and remembering cherished purchase which still await using.There is a glorious Norwegian carded batt which is this lovely hellebore pinky/green colour hmmm here I go mind buzzing now and oh I do so hate having to part with my spoils.

Happy felting week to you all —sorry to say I am not running classes through this summer at all  there will be just the events booked at other venues but no extra at home.After my sons wedding in a fortnight I am going to have a rest and recharge my batteries and get down to some writing  and book planning .In July i am teaching on the cruise and I am in Copenhagen  in June as well for a few days –any Danish readers who want to meet up please email me it would be great fun.

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  1. Hi Chrissie,

    Beautiful bag for a wedding! I love these colors and the pink is such a nice contrast to the lovely shade of green. Great inspiration (I was not familiar with Helleborus)…I learn something new from you once again! That and the fact (I believe it to be fact anyway) that if I leave my work laid out overnight, wet, that when I awake in the morning, the felt-making fairy will arrive and see to it that it’s practically all put together by morning:-) Have a great time at the wedding. I know that you will.


    P.S. Not that I can afford it, but what cruise are you teaching on? Sounds like a great combination…Cruising, eating, felting, swimming, eating some more and felting some more….

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