More bags

Like everything else addictive 1 is never enough so beacause I got away with it once, yesterday saw me playing again with my fibres and I wanted to make my sister a bag –now she loves blues etc and is a fan of Gaudi .My inspiration came from the garden agaein with the slight bluey mist of ‘forgetmenot’ and the pink fat growth on the paeonies coming through,the silk was painted  very gaudi style and the bag emerged.

I got to thinking about decorating my inner flaps but I went for a nuno look inside.this was made to prefelt stage then placed on the resist.

here you can see this just laid out and also felted down ready for stitching.

Now we see the front flaps ,I like 2 flaps because I like to tuck 1 flap over all my things in the bag then the 2nd one goes over the bag fastened with a felt loop and knot.

Ready for stitchery hopefully there will be a good movie to stitch to on soon

showing nuno insides and knot fastening

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