Top finished

My top is finished and I am very please though it is big in the armholes for me ,Just had a text from a  mentoring felty friend who is telling me to now put it in a mild wash in the machine –ouch I daren’t do that.

Lots to say about this will tell all in tomorrows podcast.

4 thoughts on “Top finished

  1. The top is GORGEOUS Chrissie!!! I am actually going to cut up my recent sleeveless jacket into a style more like Akiko Jo so it will be interesting if we both have felt tops that we can just throw on!


  2. Hi Nicola
    Thank you, praise from a fellow felter is always appreciated a lot. I am teaching this method now and doing the resists for the upper part so if you fancy having a 2 day workshop for you and fellow Irish felters, ring me.


  3. Beautiful top Chrissie.

    …And I have a great idea, as opposed to putting the top in the washing machine, my solution would just be to just neat lots of chocolate, cookies, ice cream, etc., and just hope it all lands in the arms:-)



    1. Hi Dawn thank you so much have sorted it by working it by hand and getting more shrinkage .Dare not eat more food I need to do more exercise and less food or grow a bit in height as I am not overweight just underheight –hahaha


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