Competiton time

Here is the first competition.

Submit a colour combination of  colours (minimum of 4)that best talk ‘May and food ‘to you and sing out that message.

That gives you a huge range and the prize will be a waterfall jacket made in these colours.

The closing date is May 31st

One entry per person

spread the word and lets get lots of entries

submit image block of colours to

Good luck, I look forward to viewing these.

9 thoughts on “Competiton time

  1. What a fun contest! Is it open to your fans in the US, too? If so, I’ll post about it on our Facebook page.



    1. Hi Christine
      Yes it is open to all worldwide and aims to make us focus on colour and what is around us ‘look to see’. I am amazed at the response today.
      Thanks for the post on your facebook page
      Best wishes


  2. Just sent in my submission for the challenge. Will post on facebook and blog…Thanks for getting the juices flowing down my arms and into my hands….Can you tell I submitted juicy colors! 🙂


  3. I know this is a strange or perhaps dumb question bur how does one create an image block of colours? Does it mean like those flicker favorites I see people post in their blog as mood boards? I don’t know how to make one of those either but i could learn if someone will point me in the right direction.


  4. how interesting….. I like a challenge… mmmmh I have a mosaic with colors I am in love with at the moment.

    I dont have a facebook but I will twitter about it and post…. Fun!


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