Norwegian C1

Had a fabulous day playing with lots of new fibres and using a beautiful Norwegian C1.Needed to make a new bracelet for myself and I wanted something  nice and chunky that will take some embroidery /beading work on it ,but that does not fill all my wrist like the yellow bangle because I only have small hands .Raspberry pink was chosen and I have done about half the work on it –it is so humid here but I hate to moan because let us face it any heat above 12 degrees is just lovely.

So from fine cords with beads and flyers and twisted flyers with wire in, I have  gone chunky with the Norwegian C1.

Tomorrow if the heat is still the same I shall be sitting under my silver birch tree and stitching my bangle or beading it, we’ll see.

Not many days left to enter the competition to win one of my felt tops in your winning colours.Lots of entries so think I will also ask my DH to help decide on the winner.

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