Oh dear do hate secrets but cannot show you what I did today as it is Stephanies top  and I do want her to have a surprise so no peeping

I did photograph my garden today as it was looking good after all the rain,and my new clematis has done herself proud suspect she is showing off to the more established ladies in the garden .My salad bed looks ok after I sat watching a baby rabbit devour everything in it a few weeks ago,wish I had clocked it mentally what was happening it was a surreal moment. Look at my beans growing here.I am so sos proud of these.More garden piccies below.

2 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Your garden is as beautiful as I know the waterfall jacket is going to be. I can’t wait to see it! I know it will be a work of art which I will wear proudly and share with everyone where to find you and purchase one for themselves. When you send, please send business cards as well that I can pass out.


  2. Oh Chrissie, Your gardens and grounds are lovely. Must be a like a mini vacation to just stroll amongst all that beauty.

    Can’t wait to see Stephanie’s jacket…I know it’s going to be stunning.



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