On its way

The challenge is over and the top is on its way to the USA. Steph has the tracking number and she can track it home.My studio seemed so strange without it hanging there I had really got used to having these colours around me.There will be  a photo journal following the creative journey and I will be selling these with all proceeds going to my charity this year ‘Help for Heroes’,now we have a member of the services within the family.

It has been fun , a challenge and I have enjoyed every minute even the 3 way comedy happening between myself and Dawn and Steph it has given me so many laughs I would not have missed it for the world.

The last part is whether Steph actually likes the top when she sees it –oh I do hope so.

One thought on “On its way

  1. Whoa! What do you mean, “Whether Steph actually likes it…” Of course she’ll like it…Steph has excellent taste….and I should know after all our traipsing around England trying to get a little peek…Whether we were high-tailing it over the hedge or crawling through the bushes, she always looked marvelous. Steph has excellent taste, you have excellent taste…So, not to worry. She’s going to love it!

    Can’t wait to see you in that top, Steph…I know you’re going to look great in it. This has been such fun.



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