3dimensional raised inlay mosiac work

Read Clasheens post with interest especially the sewing !!!!! well done Nicola.the bag is beautiful .

I did not attend this workshop but can talk about doing this technique which adds to your felt work.

Happy stitching and felting

There is alot of stitching involved in this technique but great effects can be created.Once you have inlaid your prefelt circular pieces with more felt fibres to balance the levels as you can see here,white being the prefelt and the black is merino rambouillet and silk mix filling in,and around the perimeter

Next you need to add at least 10 layers of your chosen fibre .

The next part is to felt this down until it has shrunk about 1/5th.

What you will do now is to rinse this work and allow it to dry slightly,the more it dries the easier it is to get your needle in.this is stitching time

You need to use a herringbone hem stitch and go around your circles between the black and the white so that is 4 circles of sewing –this anchors your mosiac parts together.

The next part is the clever bit where you place your stitches depending on the design you want ,We want it to raise so we stitch from one edge of the white through t to the other edge and pull tight –I use beading thread Nymo which is really fine but tough,you keep going all around the circle You can begin to see the white becoming raised as you tighten these stitches.Now start on the inner circle putting the needle down form the top to the bottom and then back up and remember to pull tight .

After all the stitching what I do is to rinse again in warm water and resoap with your olive soap and begin to work the felt until it is shrunk down by 1/3rd.

Wrap up in bubblewrap and leave overnight .Continue the next day till it is felted to suit and ready to go into your chosen work.
This piece continued on to be stitched in beads and seed stitch as part of a collection of black and white felt work for show and was mounted inside a dark box frame.

The definitive work done on these methods is Annette Quentin-Stoll who has a very good book on the subject FILZ Experiment  published by MaroVerlag

2 thoughts on “3dimensional raised inlay mosiac work

  1. I was so thrilled when I saw your post about the inlay mosaic as I was eager to try this after seeing the one on Nicole’s site, which sort of left me hanging for more detail which you provided…I love your generosity of spirit….I also did you neckpiece and it was such fun to make those beads on the finger and it turned out great….thanks so much Chrissie I really appreciate your sharing all this data…very helpful to my creativity,as once you share, the next person takes it a little different way and that is always such fun….


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