Silk screen printing

I so love this way of getting imagery onto m,y felt and into my silk and cotton etc I have a table now so once this dizziness has passed I can resume workI have never had a flu bug that takes so long to go leaves you feeling so grim and the dizziness is worse than the flu.


Someone has told me maybe I have never had flu before!!!!

The new steamer has arrived and now the table is here Dawn’s top will be continued soon.

Hopefully I will be felting in the Italian Dolomites early July 2012 and then onto USA for September.I have some beautiful new fibre to play with for my vessels so we will see how it goes needless to say it is Zwartbles

I am at the chapel and the girls are going to the scan unit today hilarious

Jackie the farmer leading them.

One thought on “Silk screen printing

  1. Goodness, I’ll bet you do just have a super duper flu bug…Lucky you, eh? Couldn’t you have had something super duper other than the flu. Don’t you worry a bit about getting that top done…You just focus on getting yourself better.

    That table looks fantastic…Perhaps that and your travel will be enough to lift your spirits and get you back on your feet soon.

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping you’re better soon.

    Big hugs,


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