Keep on colouring.

When the colours are not your choice you have to force yourself into a differing mind place and get in the zone . So I had a hamburger and fries for lunch followed by raspberry jelly and used a green serviette.After all that I was getting there and started painting the silk velvet and using the devore technique to get the nature markings on my fabric .





Followed this by dyeing some more silk chiffon in a lovely soft green animal markings by using shibori technique and the old wine bottle (must keep drinking so I have plenty bottles) this was a rather nice Shiraz that went down very easily.

Remember all markings shrink down whilst felting .

I hate Tuesdays and now I note the light is fading and it is time to draw the drapes light the fire and enjoy the evening and thank goodness it is Wednesday tomorrow.Then it will be Thursday my most utterly favourite day of the week.

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