Locked away writing

OK I am now locked away writing designing and felting, working hard with Nicola to produce our 1st felting book together.I will be doing my emails every other day for the next fortnight.Soup supplies are made courtesy of Nigel and the biscuit tin is full ,cd’s all lined up solet the good times roll.

Today was so so sunny and my mind was flooded with colour and excitement .

11 thoughts on “Locked away writing

  1. Time to call on an Apple Genius at the Genius Bar….They’ll be able to figure it out lickety split. Wouldn’t that be a fun job title?….Being a genius;-) Perhaps in your new book you should be the “felting genius”


  2. No kidding Chrissie. If you go into an Apple Store (at least here in the U.S.), they have the Genius Bar with employees who help people with their problems (Apple related;-)…Anyway, their job title, “Apple Genius”. Now, there’s no way I’ll ever get a job there, but it would be fun to tell everyone, when asked what you do, “Oh, I’m just a genius.” :-))))) Maybe you can reach a genius by phone, too, if you’re still having problems.



    1. Dawn

      to date so far lost all my phone contacts phone sim is damaged neither phone now works apple genius in his office had to stop talking as his office went on fire and they had to evacuate whilst I shouted’ but what about my phone’ like some sort of mad woman. Nobody can now get hold of me by mobile and I have wasted 3 hours of studio time when I have so much to do. So just going to find 2 old tin cns and a length of string seem to remember that worked when I was a child hahah all on International Womens Day. Chrissie


  3. Good grief Chrissie, I’m starting to think that all of this is a sign that you are not meant to have a phone, lost contacts, fires…What next…Locusts???? Yes, go with the tins cans and a string…The same set-up that I have;-)

    Hey, isn’t today National Pancake Day in the UK? Thought I heard that on the news this morning. Is Niles making pancakes?

    Now, try to behave yourself:-) … That must have been quite the challenge that you presented for the Apple Genius to have to pull out the old, “Oh sorry, mam, have to run, the office is on fire!!!”



  4. The red pepper soup is excellent.Many thanks for recipe.
    Good luck with the book,can’t wait to buy it..
    Olwyn in France


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