New work

Well all my pieces finished for the book and a couple of commisions done leave s me to develop a new technique for my printing silk then making the nuno felt.I am deconstructing the screen-printing and after the initial pass with my chosen dyes it is dried then reprinting starts bringing in my 3rd colour.

I have not worked much with the yellow side of the spectrum so looking forward to seeing what we get.

Deconstructed my screens over the weekend and left to dry but used a lovely olive green with yellow undertone for this dye pass then chose golden yellow to go over this and I think tealy blue will be my 3rd choice .I have done a soya paste resist to the screen but do prefer reversing positive /negative imagery either using the dyes which obviously will then begin to break down with the manutex and golden yellow dyes  passing over it.What we get then is a lovely unstructured edging picking up that 1st colour.

I have started to re draw how I want this top to be after seeing the 1st results —needs to be edgy I feel,but with simple folds to cut the garment out or use as a resist.

Put 2 lots of silk to soak in soda ash this allows your silks to take up any dyes paints etc better.I have also been doing an online class with Glennis ‘Shiborigirl’ and done lots of practising to bring into my felting work.

2012 will see the dictate of developing a whole new line from a basic concept  and design–looking forward to that challenge.

2 thoughts on “New work

  1. Well, this screen-printing does seem to have its very own language;-) Love the results…Would really like to be able to be there to see it in person though. Hmmmm…Rosie, the Wildwoman…You up for a trip???? I think it would all be clear if I were to watch…Live and in person;-)))

    Big hugs,


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