Summer is here

well a Royal Wedding a beautiful day here in Normanton and the SUMMER is here.

I have been screenprinting a jacket for myself inspired by the garden and the colours here.

One Comment on “Summer is here

  1. It was a lovely day for a wedding…I was all dressed in my finest p.j.’s…Odd that a wedding should take place at 6:00 a.m., isn’t it? You all sure like to get the day started awfully early;-))) We usually wait until afternoon here. LOL…I did love watching it though. My hubby rolled his eyes at me a few times…What’s up with that???? Oh, probably just because it was so early…ha! ha!!!

    Can’t wait to see your beautiful jacket Chrissie…If it’s half as lovely as mine, it will be a work of art. I love mine so much. Thank you again!!!

    Big hugs,

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