Natural Dyes

Ok I have talked the talk ,and read the writings, practised ,gone wrong, tried again, learnt more, done classes and today I decided to commit it all to silk and apiece.The designs were in my sketch book,and  I had mentally made it so off we go thought I .

It is raining outside ,I should be in America, silly me for not just buying a ticket and being spontaneous for once,No I am here and today is silk day.

I mixed my dyes up and decided to thicken them and go with my love of screen printing .Leaves and grids and seed heads are the theme and below are some of my ooh my moments as the colours changed in front of my eyes .Love it want to do more isn’t nature so clever for us .

      I am blown away by these colours on my silk .Here’s to tomorrow

and more dyeing 

3 thoughts on “Natural Dyes

  1. Hello dear friend…You surely should be here in America. Would sure love to have you here at the house, too. Picked up your writing partner this morning;-) I’ll look after her…I know that you want her to be well cared for so that she’ll be ready for your New York Times Bestseller book tour;-) We went out to lunch, did a little shopping in a cool area of Grand Rapids and then came home. Guess what we were looking at? Yep, your beautiful jacket;-))) Were your ears ringing?

    Love you bunches!


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