gentle reminders

Greet each day with your eyes open to beauty, your mind open to change, and your heart open to love.

Paula Finn
This saying acts as a soft  reminder of things I believe in, and the things  I need to have in my life,and the things I can do without.

It keeps my eyes wide open to the beauty around me  the beauty of my family and their love,and my friends and the joy they bring me so much beauty in my everyday life the colours in my garden the ever changing skies in the soft colours of dawn,the colours of my hills,the cool glow of a moon on a still night,the gentle drift of mist rolling through the valley,the colour of laughter and happiness and the fun we can have

Must keep my mind open to change – reminds me to listen and think of other possibilities and ways of being and living ; to try and understand that there are so many worlds out there and I only live in one of them; to celebrate learning every day,gain a deeper understanding of something such that I amend my viewpoint . Not miss my children so much but celebrate there arrival in the world and the years they were with me,rejoice in the love I give them and the warmth they wrap me in with their love.

Keeping my heart open to love – realise I am the luckiest woman alive in the love my love cloaks me in and protects me  as much as he can.Let  me celebrate the joy of loving especcillay  to let those I love and care about know how I feel and to invest more in the ones I love and never never take love for granted in love.

Try to show in my work how I feel inside and marvel at the majesticness of the universe we are but such a small part be prepared to hear ‘The owl call my name ‘

Today I spent time with my 83year old Mother in law and we had such fun we had lunch and as a bonus Nigel joined us in our village pub,we laughed a lot.

We went to the garden centre in my sports car with the top down and Mother felt 18 again —beautiful.We marvelled at the plants we smiled at each other at shared thoughts.

We joined in singing Happy Birthday to a staff member and then nearly wet ourselves laughing at a new range of cards ie ‘Have a drink–no lets just marinate ‘ ‘When  we were young we chilled out dropped out  and hung out now we are older  we just drop off’

‘When the recipe says add wine don’t ask to what ‘

We came home, top up now and protecting our double ruffled edge white poppies and our beautiful pale green astrantias and no matter what they will always let back in the magic of today and lovely memories.

My husband gently  snore beside me as he naps in his armchair –I have touched base with both my children today and told them I love them ,tomorrow I am felting all day,tonight I am sleeping happily .

Stay safe wherever you are and love life.

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