As an artist in any  field it is good practise to take yourself out of the safety zone out from comfort and challenge yourself in another discipline.

This weekend I had the privilege to be taught by Debbie Carlton the Silver and Polymer clay artist.Debbie is an amazing teacher  and gets the best from her students .

I wanted to explore this medium and bring it into the felt i.e. through matching brooches buttons fastenings etc so off I went to the Craftworx studios in Beverley with Tracey Spurgin being hostess to Debbie and our introductory weekend.







Working in black and white with the addition of only copper coloured clay all weekend focused the mind on what I wanted to achieve.



I am very pleased with the results and will be doing more with this ,the enjoyment factor was good too and I also met some other amazing budding polymer clay artists.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Chrissie, will your talents never cease??? 😉 No, I am most certain that they will not…The buttons are absolutely fabulous!!! Looks like you’ve been making them all your life! Well done, my creative friend.

    Big hugs,

    P.S. Have a great time in Ireland (silly comment as I know that you will;-)


  2. Chrissie,
    The buttons and bobs are wonderful and I too love the black and white. I’ll be most interested in seeing how you incorporate them with your feltmaking, also fabulous.



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