What have we started Nicola

When we had our idea I certainly never dreamt anyone else would use the same concept we do Nicola !what have we started ?

Good luck to the knitters hope they have as much fun as Nicola and I do writing our books

Knitting Coast to Coast

Much like a close friendship, the knitting community transcends geographical distance. Our shared love of fiber gives us common ground even on opposite ends of the country. So when friendship and knitting combine, there’s no limit to the distance they can travel!

Two of our favorite designers, Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig, have come together to celebrate their bicoastal friendship (Dakos in California, Fettig in Maine) as well as their unique design sensibilities in their new book, Coastal Knits.

On another note my view this morning is enough to uplift even the weariest of souls and inspire them to work,sadly I have a cold obtained from my son when we dined the other evening.

What entrances me is that this view is already only memory as the cloud formation and shadows have changed at least 10x since I took this 20 mins ago.It is like having my own private movie to watch.I will sit and dream awhile longer.

One thought on “What have we started Nicola

  1. You’ve possibly started a whole series of books;-)

    So sorry to hear that you’re feeling a bit under the weather….Chicken Noodle soup perhaps? Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Oh, and your view is gorgeous!!! Should be a framed art piece.



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