Heidi Grebb’s class

For everyone who says they never see an image of me doing things ‘here you are ‘me looking studious at Heidi’s marvellous class.It does not seem only a week ago.

I am in my North Pennines home busy felting and knitting and working hard.

The video of my top I made with added bias knitted  armhole edges here

3 Comments on “Heidi Grebb’s class

  1. Oh, there you are…In all of your lovely and studious glory;-) Speaking of lovely…I want Heidi’s skirt!!! I love it!!!!! What a wonderful time you must have had…Lucky you!

    Hope that you’re having a wonderful day.


    • Dawn Yes I studied very hard remember the class was conducted in Dutch German and a little English—had to concentrate (on the english)hahahah.

      I am up in the chapel designing away as I have a large portfolio to complete for a yarn company.

      In my spare time I am finishing Fabiennes top.

      I am always inspired up here, the work flows better and I get more done with only the sheep to talk to. Take care Chrissie Day

      Fibre artist/author

      SDA UK Rep


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