Lucky Me

I am so excited now because when I saw the beautiful little pouches Nicola was making I really wanted one to enable me to find my cell phone in my bag, but in beautiful case not just any case.

Today when I read Nicola’s post they were going to go in the store I had to head over there and get my favourite one ,these are lovely and will last a long long time so get them while they are there.

Last night I was out celebrating Nigel’s Mothers birthday 85 years young and we had great meal and a lovely evening with lots of laughter and my outfit was enhanced by the arrival yesterday of a stunning burnt orange silk and felt stole with huge matching flower clip –did I look ready for 2012 or what wearing this years colour.Lots of compliments and remember the maker of this stunning piece will be over the pond this spring and doing workshops at Clasheen so anyone got time and inclination get booking now and learn some beautiful felting from Dawn Edwards of who knows when she will be back this way.

I am still drawing and painting and enjoying myself here apart from heavy cold.Nigel and I are guests of the Dowager Duchess tonight and will be over at Belvoir Castle ,being out two nights in a row is very unusual for me.Have a good weekend and keep felting and crafting and looking forward .

3 thoughts on “Lucky Me

  1. Oh, Chrissie, you are too good to me…Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad that you liked your gift. It was my pleasure to make it for you. Looking forward to seeing you soon…Can’t wait!

    Big hugs,

    P.S. I love the phone case that you chose…It’s beautiful and I must admit that the stitching is a fabulous addition. You and Nicola may make me a convert yet;-)))


  2. Love the phone case..beautiful. glad you had a great time for your m-in-law’s birthday party and l bet you looked amazing. enjoy tonightxxx hope your cold gets better soonxxlynda


  3. I’m delighted you like the pouches Chrissie and hope that you get great use from the one you ordered! The mohair pieces I incorporated are from Philip who we met at Cushendale Woollen Mill, I think that the colours and blending are beautiful and so easy to felt together with the merino!!!


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