Fb,blogging, pin interest,tumblr,email.etc

Oh my when can we have time to do all these and Facebook and housework and walk and knit and felt etc impossible.Life is happening now and I like to live it now but to record things and learn things and share is time consuming.I vowed to only tumblr look for 1 hour this morning, phew where has the morning gone.

Here is where I pin

Here is where I Tumblr 

Do not get me wrong I love my web site and my blogs but I do feel WordPress has to wake up quick and smell the roses for tumblr is so easy to do and so quick.

Will I tumblr more in 2012 than I blog who knows watch this space

Today we have storms coming, I can see it, and I can sense it, so can the animals,the logs are in the coal is in the shutters up although it is only lunchtime the wind is picking up and the double door battened down so lets watch it happen whilst I knit a while more to finish this cowl.

3 thoughts on “Fb,blogging, pin interest,tumblr,email.etc

  1. Gorgeous photos Chrissie….Thanks so much for sharing them.

    Yes, I’m all too aware of how time can zip by when I’m looking at blogs, and all of the assorted social sites…Fun, but then I wonder why my house is in such a state;-))) Hmmmm….

    Big hugs,


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