Competition winners jacket The Tulip.

Fabienne models her winning jacket and her beautiful choice of colours suit her as well So glad you like the outcome Fabienne.

When I started the design for this I had no idea the name La Tulipe had any meaning for Fabienne but it does ,but that is not my story to tell.

So from a set of colours and measurements the jacket was created ,the colours first,the style second ,and then the screen printing.I am so pleased  at the success of this piece from the competition.The next one will commence in August and the colours must be seascapes this year. 

10 thoughts on “Competition winners jacket The Tulip.

  1. love your entry on it, Chrissie, and the jacket of course. La Tulipe … my nickname from my french speaking friends when I left for the Netherlands, meaning the tulp, of course. Follow the flowers, who know where they might lead you! Thank you again for your wonderful competition and work!


  2. How lovely is La Tulipe, the jacket and the wearer! Wonderful, wonderful and gorgeous, Chrissie! What a fantastic prize! I love the one you made when Dawn was the winner and this one
    is a marvel too. And another competition coming in August. Lucky us, the worldwide fiber community!


  3. Love the surface of the wool, the design and the screenprinting….A felting group has had a thread on what’s new in felt making and you are already there with new and exciting applications to the wool…..Congratulations Chrissie and Fabienne


  4. Oh, Fabienne looks lovely in your gorgeous jacket!!!!! Love Fabienne’s ‘action’ shots…Such fun photos!!!! The jacket fits perfectly…her personality and your fantastic tailoring…I love it!!!!!

    Big hugs,


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