New book New products New year

Following my desire to use more rare breed fibre I purchased  from Rod and Karolina at  4felts.comKainuun Harmaa, Finnish Landrace, Organically raised sheep. This is classed as a rare breed, slowly increasing in numbers. (about a 1000 now) and this I worked with today for the new book.I also worked with anew product that Nicola and I will be selling and that was great fun and led to more creative thinking –more in the book

I have some rare polish fibre coming I was offered after my article appeared in FibreartNow  this last month an other delights I have obtained as well.

I had been advised to develop 2 more lines that were in differing price brackets to my jackets so the bags  come next not the huge travel bags though,then the wall art,then my iPad cases and lampshades and lastly my new cutey which I have just received all the packaging for today,she has to remain a secret till the launch .Along with the new wire and felt jewellery pieces I now am told my range is complete.Hurrah just need 36 hours every 12 to make all this .

I actually will stick with this product range for maybe 2 years and build up the designs in each group,gives me more than enough to do as well as write the new book .The new book will have an ISBN which means we can get Amazon to stock l it properly and also any gift shops .book shops ,fibre shops out there who wish to stock it make s life easier.

It will also be in ebook format for those who like that.

just a little glimpse of a section of work today .

I hope this 2nd book in our series ‘From Felt To Friendship” covering Nuno felting (the 1st covered Inspiration)will convince everyone Nuno is a process not an item ,i.e. you have a felted jacket made with the Nuno felt process or scarf made with the Nuno process,and the Nuno process can be applied to felt for all sorts of uses not just fine  felt people seem to call Nuno all the time .Well although late in the day my postman has juts delivered my new labels to go on the boxes of my new product  so it is nearly all systems go (just have to finish moving house that’s all )


One thought on “New book New products New year

  1. Well, off to take myself a little nap after reading all that you are involved in…My heavens but that’s a long list!!!! Why I’m starting to wonder if you sleep a wink!

    Chrissie, where will all of the above items be sold…could you provide a link when you have a minute so that I can take a peek at all of your splendid works? ;-)))

    Hope the moving is going well. Big job…but it will be wonderful once you’re all settled.

    Big hugs,


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