Return to the Pennines

Oh how lovely to awake this morning and realise I was home in my beloved North Pennines after an horrendous journey and trying so hard to pull in all the promised visits en route to the ferry. Beautiful cloth was purchased from Avoca and I got a piece in beautiful checks of mint green through to soft blues to reupholster the kitchen armchair and beautiful  pink piece given by Avoca as a gift completes the look.

It has rained all day and Nigel has been soaked putting the huge log delivery into the log store to ensure we are warm throughout this cold spring .I have all the fires going and it is a joy to be warm and cozy.A visit to The Yarn Room and a promise to return and other business calls enroute made for a very busy day and of course a lovely lunch at yet another Avoca. I was hoping to buy clothes but that side of the business is no longer to my taste so bypassed on those.

The boat was not the newest one so not as comfy but we made it to the UK again no passport controls at all it is worrying.

The drive home went on for ever then just nearly at the door we had a lamb to rescue then the gamekeeper seeing the commotion thought we were poachers.

At last to bed and today I have had a nice day catching up on laundry mails and the new book.At the moment we have a soft back book and an ebook and there will be a hardback book.

I took loads of images but have yet to sort them so no pictures for now,and Nicola tells me it is better for the blog stats not to post a picture and just let the blog spiders get thewords at the beginning of post,so words it is.

I will post a picture of A beautiful piece of lace spotted in the gallery George Bernard Shaw in Carlow whilst looking at other  work

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  1. Glad that you made it home safe and sound. It was so nice meeting both you and Nigel. Rest up over the next few days…That was a long trip home.


  2. So glad you got home safe eventually. Was the lamb ok? Rest and then go for it woman!Ha!

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