Presents and Nuno felting

Woke to sunshine and a light breeze and felting and Nuno felting on the brain but there was so many lots of washing can be done and dried today,Finalised the patterns for the M-I-T knitters who will be meeting on Monday evening and received a present in the post of a new felt book from a friend over in Canada.The book came out last year but I had not got around to viewing it.Some fabulous ideas to try and some eyeopening revelations .Love this technique which was in the book and helped me make the ‘my take’on the Mackintosh Rose.I need these to be a lot biggerand deeper as the rose lumps on a new piece it is actually a slice through a multi layered roll–clever,these will look different after the machine has been at them as well and done some relief stitching.

The next flower is one that Dawn Edwards taught in Ireland love this technique thanks Dawn

Needless to say it inspired me to felt this morning and apart from screening some new silks I did some new panels of experimental work and admired the Nuno work in the book.

Some new screening work done 

My pc computer has locked up and I will have to take it in to the computer doctor this is a real pain because the templates for all my new templates are on this as I normally use a MAC but have to use a PC for these.

I also used some KAP merino today that I bought from The Yarn Room in Ireland to compare, I did a 5 layer piece a 10 layer piece  and a 15 layer piece and think I would have to be millionaire to use this stuff as the felt it produces is very thin and not firm enough for my liking.Nicola manages to do her iPhone cases with this but I could not get half the thickness she achieved with even twice the layers.It was very quick to felt indeed even for me and worked in half the time but if you do not get the desired result it is back to the drawing board for the fibre for the American workshop.

I also finished a commission piece and then this afternoon John the carpenter came and did the small guest room  wardrobe which has extra long hanging.

I am knitting some Brioche work up  and enjoying the late afternoon sun —oh how my body yearns for sun and heat at the moment. More positive news re studio space happened today so going to have a look at a Witham Hall which is being totally refurbished.Lots of good things and now my insurance for my public liability has arrived I can get this over to Cross Lanes and  be all set for the Bank holiday demonstrations in felting and rug work

3 thoughts on “Presents and Nuno felting

  1. You aound like you are as p as Nicola. What was the name of the book you were referring to, sounds interesting?????



  2. Looks like the computer skipped letters somehow…..I said it sounds like you are as busy as Nicola and that I was interested in the book title you were referring to.


    1. Carole
      This is book I have been working on for about 15months now and yes it is on felting and it is taking me along time you will see why when it is finished.
      Just had a new commission today so once again the book gets pushed aside.


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