New Year New Designs

Officially still on vacation time but have been working on a new range since November when I decided to take the studio offered to me at Farfield Mill.

I so love being there and meeting the public and letting them wander through my felting haven as I work,sales and commisions have been great and my work very well received, which does tend to spur you on.

I am still entranced by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and although it is some years since I did the Rose series of pieces I still come back to the simplicity of depicting beauty that he so mastered.
On my visit to Glasgow I took hundreds of images of floor tiles and wrought iron which are now finding the way into my work.

The new item in felting has a pocket bag on the side and I sat and stitching the 1st test piece this morning at home in the grey murky hobgoblin weather we are having to start the year.I made this from  Rod and Karolinas finn wool which I adore working with, and also used my new favourite tool the Palm washboard form Heartfelt silks.

Years ago when I did a class with Chad Alice Hagen over here in the UK she  introduced me to the wonder of the inner part of the Tupperware biscuit barrel lid  and I have used one since locating it in a junk shop where I had to buy the biscuit tub as well( no longer ANY use as I have the crisp fresh inner lid for felting with).Do remember Chad still has some of her fabulous exclusive bound books for sale in Etsy plus some beautiful scarfs.

Well clever Heartfelt silks have come up with a beautiful circular felting tool the Palm Washboard which is heavier than the inner lid and works believe it or not 60 times better ,head on over there and have a look.
I yearn for blue sky and sunshine and failing that blue sky and snow or frost,this murk does nothing for me and actually I feel the cloud is just balanced on my head.
Hope someone’s weather is more agreeable.

I also finished putting touches to my new fibre newsletter overjoyed at the response with nearly 200 going out in the first edition.
Make each day count is my motto this year and for those trying to overcome adversity remember to smile -and believe it will happen.I have also just heard a friend who helped me tremendously when I was ill  is poorly at the moment so I am thinking of him and hoping all goes well for his recovery.

Can only show this part so far,the pocket front.

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