Time seems to have it’s own agenda at the moment called Whizzing
I cannot believe that this time 1week ago Charity was here with me as we worked out designs etc to teach in Belgium in June and only a week before that I was hard at work under the eagle eye of Lisa Klakulak in Ullform Norway,

I did decide to do a whole article on this workshop for the journals because Lisa covers what is missing so much and that is solid knowledge with an analytical insight into the relationship between fibre weight,surface area and shrinkage which enables the felter to be able to reproduce an item reliably.
To have these workshops available to us in Europe is fabulous and I have just spotted today the German workshop in July covering jewelry and cords etc check out Lisa here.

It certainly had me rushing to investigate my diary to free a space for some sound teaching ,good felting,and a wealth of knowledge to keep applying to many things.
To those who are asking themselves ‘surely Chrissie can do that? Yes she can but not the Strongfelt way !
See you there.
Oh and today I sold goods so then felted from 8 until 5.30 and thst was awhizzing time too

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